Kazakhstani medicines absolutely competitive with foreign analogues - expert

Date: 10:25, 24-02-2015.

Almaty. February 24. KazTAG - Kazakhstani medicines are absolutely competitive with their foreign analogues, said Vyacheslav Lokshin, president of Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers.
"Today the quality of Kazakhstani medicines has changed in comparison to what they were 6-7 years ago. Our medicines are absolutely competitive. Since 2018 within the frameworks of EEU the state registration of medicines which don’t comply with the GMP standard will be banned. Our companies are aspiring to introduce this standard," he said in the comment to KazTAG.
In his opinion "nothing awful will happen" if Kazakhstan reduces acquisition of foreign medicines and increases the share of domestic ones. In his words, about 60% of medicines, purchased within the frameworks of guaranteed volume of free medical aid, are made in Kazakhstan.
"If we add the medicines made in the EEU states, we will significantly cover the demand with the basic medicines," he said.
In his words, today the share of Kazakhstani medicines at the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan makes 15%,  and it is "a normal level".
"Highly technological medicines for oncological, endocrinologic, and other rare diseases, which development need billions of dollars, are made in one place of the world. Their acquisition is a normal world practice," he said.

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