Kazakhstani MFA has no information about Kazakhstani people having rest in Israeli Eilat

Date: 08:44, 10-07-2014.

Astana. July 10. KazTAG - No Kazakhstani tourists applied to Kazakhstani consulate in Israel requesting support for leaving Eilat resort city, said Nurzhan Aitmakhanov, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"There are people from Kazakhstanhaving rest on the sea, but their exact number is unknown. We do not register tourists. There are people who register in consular register, but basically they are businessmen. According to last year's data there were about 100 people," he said to KazTAG reporter.

"Until yesterday's evening nobody applied to Kazakhstani consulate for aid," he said.

The committee of tourism industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies also failed to provide information about the number of Kazakhstani tourists in Eilat.

As reported, the airport of Israeli resort city Eilat has been closed due to the rocket threat from Gaza Strip.

"The airportof Israeliresort city Eilat on the Red Sea has been closed due to the rocket threat from Gaza Strip . (...) The airport has been closed until "special order", said the Itar-Tass news agency.

Earlier Israelcorrected the traffic corridors for civil aircrafts on arrival and departure from the international airport named after David Ben Gurion near Tel Aviv due to the threat of rocket attacks.

The service of the rear ordered to open public bombshelters in Tel Aviv. A source in Israeli military-political establishment said to the journalists , "there is no doubt that Hamas will try to attack Tel-Aviv with rockets".

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