Kazakhstani MINT will stimulate subsoil users invest more money into innovational development

Date: 07:03, 22-05-2014.

Astana. May 22. KazTAG - The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies will make industrial and subsoil companies invest more money into innovational development through tax stimulation, said Yerlan Sagadiyev, Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies.

"We plan tax stimulation which will make industrial and subsoil use companies spend more money on innovational developments. Secondly,  expand the branch of application of acting funds, i.e. 1% is allocated by subsoil users but only for their own scientific-test developments. We want to amplify this field to attract more scientists, institutes in it," he said at the IX innovational congress.

"We are working with the Ministry of Education and Science. We need to provide strong traffic of students, postgraduates, teachers, start-uppers, engineers through these innovational programs," he said.

He added MINT plans to open on-line centers of competence.

"A new measure will be opening of on-line centers of competence. It will be a strong on line resource to spread knowledge including engineering skills, where each person at any time of day or night from any part of Kazakhstanmay learn the latest achievements in the field of science and innovations," he said.

The Ministry of Education and Science and MINT are working with the World Bank on commercialization of 150 scientific-technical programs.

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