Kazakhstani national business chamber proposed to introduce obligatory marking of eggs

Date: 09:05, 04-11-2014.

Astana. November 4. KazTAG - The national business chamber of Kazakhstan proposed to introduce obligatory marking of eggs.
“ We lag behind our colleagues in the Customs Union in terms of application of technical regulation norms in order to protect our market. We would like to refer to an example concerning eggs products. According to the estimations of Kazakhstani manufacturers Kazakhstan imports up to 1 bln eggs a year. Usually they are smuggled from Russia, they are delivered by individuals without paying VAT, selling them for cash. They deliver the eggs for cheaper price in comparison to non smuggled eggs made in Kazakhstan," said Rakhim Oshakbayev, deputy chairman of the national business chamber.
Thus, illegal suppliers cause harm "due to unfair competition". In addition, "the quality of these products is quite doubtful".
"We have analyzed this way and propose to protect this market from smuggling of unmarked eggs," he said.
In his words, there are no uniform requirements to eggs marking.
"There is an interstate standard- requirement to eggs safety. There is a technical regulation of Kazakhstan- requirements to safety of eggs and eggs products, it regulates requirements to marking, but it represents voluntary confirmation of these requirements. In our opinion it is nonsense," he said.

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