Kazakhstani peacekeepers to be trained by US and British soldiers at "Steppe eagle -2015" exercise

Date: 09:05, 11-03-2015.

Astana. March 11. KazTAG - The troops of Kazbrig and Kazbat will be trained by the US and British soldiers during the exercises "Steppe eagle-2015", reports the Ministry of Defense.
"The British team of instructors will teach Kazbat the following tasks: patrolling of rural and urban locality, public order, control of crowds and security, base security, convoying operations and others. The 50th military group of instructors Accent (the national guards of Arizona) will teach Kazbat the military process of decision taking, perfection of squadron management, tactic communication and explosives handling," reads the message.
The exercises will be held in April on the base of "Ili" training center.

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