Kazakhstani people actively purchasing dollars, but there are no queues and agiotage in currency exchangers

Date: 10:50, 22-10-2014.

Almaty. October 22. KazTAG - People have been actively buying dollars in the regional centers of Kazakhstan.
High activeness was observed in Pavlodar on Tuesday.
"You can exchange several thousand of dollars. But today the activeness is high, many people come to buy the American currency. We don't have big sums in the evening. We don't know the reason for that," said the representative of currency exchanger of Cesnabank branch in Pavlodar.
There were no dollars in "The BankCenterCredit" on Tuesday. The exchanger expected to receive the currency on Friday. One  branch of Kassa Nova bank declared $480 have left by the end of the day.
Meanwhile, such banks as Bank RBK, BTA, and Sberbank declared they had enough currency and there was no agiotage.

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