Kazakhstani people have no reason for concern in connection with ruble situation- Nazarbayev

Date: 13:50, 22-12-2014.

Astana. December 22. KazTAG - Kazakhstani people have no reasons for concern in connection with ruble situation in Russia, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.
"There will always be currency fluctuation. Currency fluctuation is normal in the world. What was the dollar value 50 years ago and what's now? In Kazakhstan we have tenge, we buy bread in tenge, we pay for journeys in tenge, we buy clothes for tenge. What's the reason for concern. We will provide internal stability, we will cover all the social payments," he said.
He added those who create agiotage around currency rates will be attracted to responsibility.
According to the President Kazakhstan has a plan even for the case if oil price falls to $40 per barrel.
"Kazakhstani population may not concern. We have a plan for $70 oil price, 60%, $50, $40. Why am I speaking so easily? We have reserves for it, for such a "black day", which will support people, without deteriorating life. Thus, people should no worry," he said.

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