Kazakhstani people will have to paint out tattoos for IDs photos

Date: 15:23, 13-01-2015.

Almaty. January 13. KazTAG - The tattoos on the face must be hidden with cosmetics, said Zhanyl Apetova, press secretary of the main center of population servicing in Almaty.
"If the tattoo is fine, such as tattoo of the eyebrows, photos may be taken, if it is not fine, what to do- their photos will be taken, but art tattoos drawn on the visible place will have to be painted out. Otherwise there can be problems at the border," she said.
People with piercing will have to remove it to take photos for the IDs of new type.
According to Apetova, these rules have been adopted by the international convention of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), Kazakhstan has membership in, they exist since 2001.

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