Kazakhtelecom attempted to recover non-existent debt from Almaty resident

Almaty. January 23. KazTAG - Kazakhtelecom JSC attempted to recover a non existent debt through a court from a resident of Almaty equal to  21 921 tenge.
“A private enforcement officer (...) notifies you of the initiation of enforcement proceedings about the recovery of 21 921 tenge debt(...) in favor of Kazakhtelecom (Almatytelecom) and  payment of state duty equal to 658 tenge (...). And also you must pay for the activities of a private enforcement agent in the amount of 5 645 tenge from the amount of the recovery sum - 25%, and 250 tenge for postage, ” reads the notice of the private enforcement officer.
According to the communication service user, the court ruling was issued in absentia; the respondent was not informed of the suit and the court hearing.
At the same time, in the official document received from Almatytelecom it is indicated that there are no debts on the personal account of the respondent.
“The regional telecommunications directorate of Almatytelecom informs that there are no debts for telecommunications services on the personal account (...),” the document says.
At the same time, users of social networks repeatedly complained about the quality of services of Kazakhtelecom JSC, in particular, about the inconsistency of invoices issued to the stated tariffs, low Internet speed, inability to obtain account details and others.

Photo source: picture from an open source