Kazcosmos denies that Musabayev has real estate property in UAE

Date: 02:45, 18-04-2014.

Almaty. April 18. KazTAG - The National Space Agency ( NCA Kazkosmos )  denies that its chairman Talgat Musabaeva has property in the UAE.

"This information (published in the French media about T.Musabayev's  property in the UAE - KazTAG) is false. Nor he, neither the space agency have any property in the UAE," reads the reply of Kazcosmos to KazTAG request.

In addition , it is reported that in contrast to the  foreign media reports , the company acquired two satellites from NCA EADS Astrium with good performance characteristics .

"For example, images from the spacecraft Pleiades have a resolution of 0.7 m at the MTF ( modulation transfer function - KazTAG)  -15 %, while BP ERS spacecraft ( spacecraft with high-resolution of remote sensing of the Earth - KazTAG) with resolution of 0.75 m has an MTF of about 19 %. (...) Thus , the images of Pleiades satellites at a somewhat better resolution have poorer image quality ",  explained  the letter.

Meanwhile, according to the Internet portal  French Intelligence Online, the satellites , Kazakhstan acquired from EADS Astrium, are outdated, though other companies offered higher resolution satellites .

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