Kharkov announces creation of People’s Republic

Date: 03:05, 08-04-2014.

Almaty. April 8. KazTAG - Kharkov has announced creation of People’s Republic, reports

"The actions of pro-Russian activists are taking place at the squareof Freedom. They conducted a meeting of the regional mass expressing mistrust to the deputies of Kharkov's regional council and read out the list of people who have nominated to be "alternative deputies" to conduct the session on referendum," reads the message.

"The alternative deputies" failed to get inside the building of the administration which was blocked by the police. The session was conducted in the hall of the building. The protesters decided to create a sovereign state named "Kharkov people's republic", which will develop relations with other states according to the international law. The decision will come into force after the regional referendum.

"The alternative deputies" decided to "apply to Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich" asking him to legitimate the session and the documents, and also to the Russian Government asking to provide peaceful organization of the referendum as intermediaries.

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