Kindergarten for 280 children opened in Atyrau

Date: 15:00, 29-12-2014.

Atyrau. December 29. KazTAG - A new kindergarten for 280 children has been opened in Atyrau.
"This year 16 kindergartens for 2900 children have been opened in Atyrau region. The 17th kindergarten for 280 children has been commissioned today," said Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, akim of Atyrau region.
405.8 mln tenge have been allocated for the kindergarten construction from the republican budget.
Construction of 11 kindergartens for 2340 children will start in 2015.
"Despite this we still have lack of pre-school institutions. 19 000 children are on the waiting list in the region today, the majority of them - in Atyrau. We will keep on kindergartens construction for state funds, attract investors and private entrepreneurs," reads the message.

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