Kiyasov admits stabbing Denis Ten in court

Date: 16:26, 14-01-2019.

Almaty. January 14. KazTAG - Nuraly Kiyasov, defendant in the case of Denis Ten murder, has admitted in the court's room stabbing Denis Ten.
"Three of us (with defendants Arman Kudaibergenov and Zhanar Tolybay-KazTAG) were walking down Kurmangazy street on July 19 2018. Arman showed the car (of D.Ten-KazTAG), said let’s start with it, I don’t remember the time, it was about 15.00. Arman gave me a bag, put on gloves, removed the driver's mirror, put it in the rucksack, I was sitting along the road and smoking. He said to look around, I was looking, so that the cars were 6 meters away. By this time Arman removed another mirror, this time the owner came up, I didn’t notice him," said N. Kiyasov.
In his words, there was a scuffle between the car owner and A. Kudaibergenov caught on the scene, who started running away. However, D.Ten caught him near the sports ground.
"I wasn't going to run after him, I thought if Arman runs away, I will either. When I approached them, Arman was beating Denis with a belt. I saw that Arman took a load of feet and clang to the sports ground's net. I had a knife and ran to them. I came up from the back, pulled Denis Ten to me with his hands, he looked at me. I showed him the knife, I thought he would get scared and we would run away. But he didn't, I didn't understand how I stabbed him twice," he added.
Then they ran away, N. Kiyasov threw away the knife and they drove away in the car.
"I plead guilty, but I deny planned murder, our aim was a theft. I am asking to forgive me if you can. I understand, she is a mother, her heart is broken, but if you can- forgive me," he said.

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