KMG EP announces new discovery in Rozhkovskoye field

Date: 08:08, 13-05-2014.

Astana. May 13.KazTAG -  KazMunaiGas Exploration Production Joint Stock Company (KMG EP) announces a new discovery in the Bashkirian tier’s sediments of the Carboniferous period in the Rozhkovskoye field, reported the press-service of the company.

 Inflow of light dry crude oil and gas with maximum flow rates of 1.9 kboe/day and 6 million cubic feet/day, respectively, with 24/64” (9.5 mm) choke, was produced while carrying out tests in reservoirs of the Bashkirian period at the U-24 well drilled in 2013 in the north-east wing of the field. Previous exploration at this part of the field targeted hydrocarbons in the Bobrikovskiy and Tournaisian horizons," reads the message.

 Positive test results from the new Bashkirian deposit increase the prospects of growing field’s reserves. A quantitative evaluation of reserves growth will occur following the results of further exploration.

According to technical audits carried out in accordance with international standards, KMG EP 2P liquids hydrocarbon reserves of Rozhkovskoye field increased from 5.4 mt in 2012 to 7.9 mt in 2013. Production at Rozhkovskoye field is due to commence in 2017.

Ural Group Limited (UGL) is exploring the Rozhkovskoye field, and holds a 100% stake in Ural Oil and Gas LLP (UOG) which owns the exploration license for the Fyodorovskiy block in the Zelenovsk district of Western Kazakhstan, 70 km east of Uralsk city. In 2011, KMG EP acquired a 50% stake in Ural Group Limited (UGL) from Exploration Venture Limited (EVL).

KMG EP is among the top three Kazakh oil and gas producers. The overall production in 2013 was 12.4 million tonnes (an average of 251 kbopd) of crude oil, including the company’s share in Kazgermunai, CCEL and PKI. The company’s total consolidated volume of proved and probable reserves including shares in the associates, as at the end of 2013 was 200 million tonnes (1.5 bln bbl), out of which 148.8 million tonnes (1.1 bln bbl) relates to Ozenmunaigas, Embamunaigas, and UOG (Rozhkovskoye field, Fyodorovskiy block).

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