Kulibayev criticizes akims offering flats and offroadsters to winners but not investing a penny into box development

Date: 17:07, 18-02-2015.

Astana. February 18. KazTAG - Timur Kulibayev, president of Kazakhstani box federation, has criticized the akims offering flats and offroadsters to the winners, but not investing a single penny into box development.
"No money is allocated for box from the budget in many regions- it is nonsense! Look, how they chase the athletes then who won championships, they find flats, offroadsters for them. Unashamed people they are!. They don't invest a penny and they show their authority," he said.
In his words, the annual sports budgets vary within 3-4 bln tenge in the regions and 5-6 bln tenge in Almaty and Astana, as a result they are spent on "worthless" legionnaires.
"They spend funds mainly on football. We would stay calm if there were any results, but we see how they invite worthless legionnaires. They pay money. We can see the situation is unhealthy there," he said.
In his words, the money is not spent on sports infrastructure, but on "fictitious teams" which comprise of "second-rate, third-rate legionnaires".

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