Kyrgyz deputies dissatisfied with organization of gay-parade in Bishkek on March 8

Almaty. March 13. KazTAG - The deputies of Zhogorku Kenesh are dissatisfied with organization of a gay parade in Bishkek on March 8, reports KyrTAG.
"The first gay-parade in Central Asia was held in the capital on March 8. It is shocking. The people who came to the meeting assaulted the memory of Altay empress - Kurmanzhan Datka. She sacrificed her son not for homosexual people to profane her memory . Our horsemen said that the population would soon reach 60 million. If men marry men, how will we increase the number? With this tendency, Kyrgyzstan will soon become Gaystan, ” Zhulduz Musabekova, deputy from SDPK parliamentary faction.
She was supported by another deputy Almazbek Ergeshov, who also offered to invite representatives of the NSC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and listen to their reports on this issue.  
“Let's invite the heads of the NSC and the Ministry of Interior Affairs and listen who and for what purpose allowed to hold such events in our country,” he said.
On the International Women's Day under the auspices of the national campaign “Together against violence against women and girls” a peaceful march of feminists took place, joined by the representatives of sexual minorities (LGBT) with their slogans, which caused a mixed reaction of the public. In social networks, some users accused the mayor of Bishkek, Aziz Surakmatov, of excessive loyalty to LGBT people.

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