Kyrgyzstan native denies his fault in hindering terror act investigation in Boston

Date: 04:00, 05-06-2014.

Almaty. June 5. KazTAG - Hairullozhon Matanov, native of Kyrgyzstan, accused of hindering terror act investigation in Boston, denies his fault, reports the ITAR-TASS news agency.

According to the prosecutor's office of Massachusetts, 23 year old Matanov has been charged liquidation of evidences and presentation of misleading information to the investigators. Matanov has not been charged implication in terror act organization. He declared his innocence during the judicial hearings held on June 4.

"During the hearing Matanov refused to claim bailment before beginning of the court. He said he had no relatives in the US, he was fired after he was arrest and had no  money. Next hearing has been scheduled on July 15," reads the message.

The authorities declared Matanov was a friend of the Tsarnayev brothers and had lunch with them on the day of the terror act. However, when police commenced to look for the brothers Matanov attempted to get rid of the phones he had used to be in touch with them, he also deleted all the data about search requests on his computer which concerned the marathon blasts.

Matanov may be sentenced 20 years imprisonment if he is adjudged guilty for evidences liquidation and 8 years imprisonment for each accusation on misleading information given to the investigation.

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