"Land" activist Talgat Ayan freed from penalty in Atyrau

Date: 14:08, 29-07-2019.

Almaty. July 29. KazTAG - "Land" activist Talgat Ayan has been freed from penalty  in Atyrau.
"By the order of the  court N2 of Atyrau dated July 26, the claim to free from penalty has been approved. The prosecutor and the probation service opposed, but surprisingly the court has released me. I am forbidden to conduct public activity, but now it does not seem so important. It is important that I am free now as much as it is possible in our society," he said.
He said more than a year ago his imprisonment term was changed into restriction of freedom until 2021.
"Restriction of freedom means that you are free, you are at home, but your free time and movement is limited. You have to attend the probation bodies every week, you have to stay at home in the evening, police officers can come at any time, you have no right to attend entertainment arrangements, such as weddings and so on, if you want to travel inside the state you need a permit, your personal identification number is blocked as your name is on the list of persons associated with financing of terrorists, eventually it is clear that no organization will give you an employment," he said.
The protest actions against amendments in the Land Code were conducted throughout the state in 2016.
About one thousand people went to the unsanctioned meetings on the squares of Isatay and Makahmbet in Atyrau on April 24. They were protesting against the amendments in the Land Code which allowed selling land to foreigners. A protest action was held on the same day in Kulsary which involved about 300 people.
The protest actions were held in Aktobe and Semey. About 200 people came to the protest action in Aktau and Uralsk. Despite the authorities of Atyrau region said that nobody would be punished in Atyrau, civil activists Maks Bokayev and Talgat Ayan were sentenced five years imprisonment. Later the Government of Kazakhstan imposed a temporary moratorium on land sale and transfer to foreigners.

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