Launch of satellite from Baikonur postponed until August 6

Date: 14:19, 02-07-2019.

Baikonur. July 2. KazTAG - Launch of the rocket carrier Proton with space vehicle Blagovest has been postponed from July 16 to the beginning of August.
"The launch of Proton with Blagovest has been postponed as earlier the launch of Proton  with Spektr-RG had been postponed until July 12," said a source in the cosmodrome.
Both launches were planned to be conducted from the ground N81 with the launching pad 24.
"It is impossible to launch two rockets from one launching pad in such a short period of time. Thus, there was a need of time gap of at least 10-15 days. Blagovest has been scheduled to be launched on August 6 2019," said the interlocutor.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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