Laureate of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan in 2014 were 13 media representatives

Date: 09:27, 24-06-2014.

Almaty. June 24. KazTAG - Laureate of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan in 2014 in 10 categories were 13 media representatives and 2 editorial collective.

Thus, the winners in the category "reportorial work" became correspondent of the newspaper "Egemen Kazakhstan" of Akmola region – Bakbergen Amalbek and reporter of North Kazakhstan regional newspaper "Nedelya SK" Alexandra Kondratova for timely coverage of political events in the region.

The award for "Economic Review" won correspondent of the newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" in Pavlodar region Sergey Gorbunov and deputy editor of the Karaganda regional newspaper "Ortalyk Kazakhstan" Ursin Musabekov for analytical materials the economic development of the regions of Kazakhstan.

In the category "Political Review" as the best observer of the national newspapers "DAT – Obshestvennaya Pozitsiya" and "Novaya Gazeta - Kazakhstan" was recognized Zhumabike Zhunusova for analyzes about the development of civil society in Kazakhstan.

The award for "Investigative Journalism" was given to Australian journalist - blogger Julian Assange for creating the site «WikiLeaks».

In the category "Search material" title of the winner got Atyrau chief editor of the newspaper "Akzhaiyk" Sabyr Kairhanov for a series of articles devoted to the 25th - anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

The best in the category "Television work" were recognized presenters of commercial television channel Dina Tolepbergen and Alexey Shakhmatov for hosting television programs “Astarly Akikat" and "Drugaya Pravda", as well as a television studio team PIC (head Dzhanibek Suleev) for the documentary film "The Doctor - the person who helps us to change".

Laureates in the category "Research" became deputy chief editor of "Kazak adebieti" Jerkins Zhappasuly and editor of the national newspaper "Aikyn" Gulnar Tazhieva for the preparation of essays on the work of well-known figures of culture and literature of the country.

The winner in the category "Popular scientific work" became KazTAG international news agency observer Madina Alimkhanova for the creation of the textbook "Hints for young journalists."

In the category "Media Project" the winner became the team of the newspaper "Veecherniy Taldykorgan" for creative lighting in the socio-economic problems of Semirechye.

Best in "The photo" was recognized photojournalist Serikjan Kovlanbayev for creating artistic images of Kazakhs in newspapers and magazines.

In addition, the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan awarded diplomas for the support and understanding of the press and journalists to Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander, veteran of Kazakhstani journalism Afriza Aitbaeva, General Director of National Research Center of Surgery named. A.N.Syzganova Zhetkergen Arzykulov, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Communication and Information Agency of RK Zhanbolat Baibosynov, chief editor of the newspaper "Vecheriy Almaty" Nicholay Zhorov, former press secretary mayor of the city of Uralsk Zhusupkaliev Ibrahim, president of "Kazakhtelecom" JSC Kuanyshbek Esekeev, Chairman of the National Committee of the RK International Press Institute Bolat Erezhepov, President of the Kazakhstan Press Club Karaulova Asel, chairman of the board of directors of "Kaspi Bank" Vyacheslav Kim, vice president of the National Press Club in Astana Kudayberdy Mazhenov, rector of Kazakh National University named Al-Farabi Galymkair Mutanov, vice president of the club editors of Kazakhstan Muratbek Toktagazina.

Also, the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan and the association "Kazinpress" awarded prize of Amangeldy Ahmetalimov for significant contribution to the development of information service of Kazakhstan the public figure Amirzhan Kosanov.

In turn, the Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan by national award "Altyn zhuldyz" awarded General Director of "Kazakh entsiklopediyasy" Professor Baurjan Zhakyp.

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