Libyan embassy will keep on operating in Kazakhstan

Date: 17:01, 22-01-2015.

Almaty. January 22. KazTAG - Shutdown of Libyan embassies worldwide will not concern Kazakhstan, said the embassy of Libya to Kazakhstan

"No, there is no plan to shutdown the embassy of Libya to Kazakhstan," said the embassy to the agency on Thursday.

According to the Russian mass media sources, Libya has to shut down its embassies in a number of states due to the budget crisis.

According to Abdalla Abdurrahman at-Tani, head of the state, due to fund deficit some embassies will be shut down, while the diplomatic staff will be called back to the state.

In addition, the central bank of Libya proposed to cut down on expenses in the field of education and other state financed branches.

According to the central bank of Libya, budget deficit made up $18.6 bln in 2014.

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