Light aircraft crashed in Almaty region due to technical failure

Date: 05:08, 29-05-2014.

Almaty. May 29. KazTAG - The cause of light aircraft crash of "Kazavia" independent air company in Almaty region might be failure of one of the systems of the aircraft, said Eugeniy Bibikov, inspector on flights safety.

"A commission started working at 9.00 on the scene today, we cannot reveal the cause immediately. We have just checked the scene of the accident and not all the parts of the aircraft. They will conduct inspection, perhaps, there was a failure of the aircraft," he said to KazTAG.

"The pilot died of collision with land. We will cover all the expenses. That is what we are doing now. It has not been decided if the forensic expertise will be in Chunzha or Almaty," he added.

The aircraft X-32 Bekas crashed on May 28. 29 year old pilot Maxim Titov died.


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