Low salary - one of the reasons of vets deficit in Mangistau region

Date: 10:34, 30-10-2014.

Aktau. October 30. KazTAG - Low salary is one of the main reasons of deficit of vets in Mangistau region, said Talgat Baltabekov, interim head of agriculture department in the region.
"There are two reasons for the lack of staff- small salary, vets get 61 000 a months. Second reason- no young specialists. Due to this 40 scholars were sent from Aktau to Almaty and Uralsk to study at the universities. They will graduate in 2016, we are waiting young specialists to come to work to us," he said.
Vet stations work in five districts in Mangistau region, and also in Aktau and Zhanaozen, each station has only one vet.

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