Machine guns, grenade launcher and other weapons discovered in a cache in Zhambyl region

Date: 13:19, 21-01-2022.

Taraz. January 21. KazTAG - Machine guns, a grenade launcher and other weapons have been discovered in a cache in the Zhambyl region, reports the press service of the police department of the region.
“On January 20, employees of police department of the Zhambyl region found a cache of weapons while carrying out operational-search activities in a field near the village of Kostobe, Zhambyl region,” said the report.
"Eight machine guns, 17 magazines for them, one hand grenade launcher, a 12-gauge gas-traumatic gun, a hard drive and a bayonet-knife have been discovered," said the report.
“The seized weapons have been sent for ballistic examination,” said Nurzhan Kalmetov, deputy head of police department.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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