Majilis endorsed draft law on amnesty in connection with property legalization

Date: 06:38, 28-05-2014.

Astana. May 28. KazTAG - Majilis deputies have endorsed the draft law in the first reading "On amnesty of people, repatriates and individuals who have residence permit in connection with property legalization" and a packet of appropriate amendments.

"Money, securities, shareholdings in fixed capitals of legal entities, construction which correspond to target purpose and construction norms and use. Land areas on which legalized objects are located must belong to legalization subjects on property right. Also constructions registered to inappropriate individuals, real estate located outside Kazakhstan," said Bakhyt Sultanov, First Deputy Prime Minister- Minister of Finance.

He added property which was obtained in result of certain crimes is not subjected to legalization.

"For example violent crimes, constitutional crimes and crimes connected with other freedoms of people, basis of constitutional order and state security, and also in result of corruption and other violations, and crimes against interests of state service," he said.

"The property located outside Kazakhstan will be charged 10%," he added.

Legalization term- September 1 2014-December 31 2015.

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