Major part of petrol export from Russia fell on Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in January

Date: 14:37, 10-02-2015.

Almaty. February 10. KazTAG - The major part of Russian petrol export went to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in January 2015, reports the Kommersant newspaper.
"According to the statistics of the Russian railways, 141.6 thousand tons of petrol were shipped abroad in the first eight days of February, thus, average daily export made up 17.7 thousand tons against 15.8 thousand tons in January. Considerable petrol volumes went to Western Europe, in February petrol was shipped by Surgutneftegas refinery and Moscow refinery plant of Gasprom neft. Meanwhile, there were almost no shipments there in January, the major part of petrol export fell on Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan," reads the publication.

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