Mazhilis proposed not to label medicines in Kazakhstan

Astana. May 29. KazTAG – Mazhilis deputy Azhar Sagandykova proposed to exclude medicines and medical products from the list of goods subject to labeling in Kazakhstan.

According to her, the rules for labeling and traceability of medicines and labeling of medical devices were approved due to the high level of smuggling and counterfeiting on the market of Kazakhstan. The movement of medicines can be traced only through the integration of accounting systems of the manufacturer, distribution/wholesale company and retail sales.

In the event of integration of the accounting system of the participants in the process with a subsidiary of Kazakhtelecom, which uses software of a foreign state, the trade secrets of domestic companies will be available to foreigners. This is a direct violation of their rights to confidentiality of commercial information, the deputy believes.

Moreover, this fact could, in her opinion, negatively affect the country’s national security. After all, having information about the balance of a particular drug in Kazakhstan, you can easily create an artificial shortage of a particular drug.

Photo source: picture from the open source