Mels Yeleusizov declares about threat of Sorbulak break

Date: 14:40, 09-10-2019.

Almaty. October 9. KazTAG - Mels Yeleusizov, leader of Tabigat ecological union, has declared deterioration of the situation at the Sorbulak lake.
"I have been studying the problem of Sorbulak for 30 years. The situation has deteriorated, filtration in the land from Sorbulak to the Kurty river is on- it is about 15 km - water is rising there. The sands are bad there, mixed with clay," he said at the press-conference.
He said in case of the break of the lake all the Balkhash district of the Almaty region will be under threat.
"Seismicity is up to nine points there, the area of the lake is 60, it  is equal to three Kapshagay reservoirs- it is a huge reservoir which can burst at any moment, a small crack is enough for it. In this case there will be an incredible mudslide which will wash away all the Balkhash district and a part of the Ili district. It will be a world tragedy," he said.
In his opinion, it is necessary to build purifying installations and plant trees in the area.
He also reported about planned creation of Tabigat ecological party which will provide ecological security, combat with corruption, support business, and others.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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