Melting of glaciers in Central Asia will lead to competition for water between energy and agriculture - scientists

Date: 16:12, 24-11-2014.

Almaty. November 24. KazTAG - Melting of glaciers in Central Asia will lead to water competition between energy and agriculture, reports the World Bank's group.
"Reduced water availability in some places will become a threat as increases in temperatures head toward 4°C.  Melting glaciers in Central Asia and shifts in the timing of water flows will reduce the amount of water available in summer months and increase the risk of torrential floods," reads the report Turn Down the Heat.
According to the report 4C warming may reduce the area of glaciers by 80%.
"Since 1960 the area of glaciers in Central Asia reduced by 3-14 percent depending on their location. In case of global warming by 2C and by 4C their area will considerably decrease- approximately by 50 and almost by 80 percent," reads the report.
According to the report it may pose threat to crops yield.
It notes that declines in agricultural productivity will also have impacts outside core producer regions, with strong repercussions on food security, and may negatively affect economic growth and development, social stability and well‐being.

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