MFA about Kazakhs in Chinese camps: We are working on it through consulate and migration services

Date: 16:03, 12-02-2020.

Astana. February 12. KazTAG - Kazakhstan is settling the issues of Kazakhs staying in the Chinese correctional camps with the tools of consulate and migration services, said Mukhtar Tleuberdi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.
"You know the position of Kazakhstan (about correctional education camps -KazTAG). We have set close cooperation with China. We are conducting appropriate arrangements. First of all we are working with the tools of the consulate service and migration service," said Tleuberdi answering the question about the position of Kazakhstan on the proposal of Michael Pompeo, US State Secretary, to join the position of US concerning the Kazakhs and Uigur-Muslims in the correctional education camps in China.
As it was reported, Pompeo urged Kazakhstan to join the US and make pressure on China. Tleuberdi at the press-conference did not comment on this proposal.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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