Military grenade could not be in inventory of educational institution- MIA

Date: 13:51, 21-11-2014.

Almaty. November 21. KazTAG - The military grenade could not be in inventory of educational institution, said Yerlan Turgumbayev, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.
"It couldn't be in inventory, moreover, a military grenade is never included in any complex of educational process. There are drill grenades, they have special marking, but they are never in a military cover. There can be a wooden moulage, plastic moulage, special training, but they differ in their outward," he said to KazTAG  on Friday.
According to Turgumbayev it is impossible to confuse a military grenade with a drill one.
"Of course it is impossible to confuse. It is impossible to confuse it even in color. Moreover, a military teacher, who has dealt with weapons, must know the difference between a military grenade and a training one," he added.
He believes, the student, who according to the witnesses, pulled out the pin won’t be attracted to responsibility.

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