Minister of Public Development does not see any tragedy in youth emigration from Kazakhstan

Date: 14:47, 18-02-2019.

Astana. February 18. KazTAG - Darkhan Kaletayev, Minister of Public Development, does not see any tragedy in youth leaving Kazakhstan to seek employment in other states.
"Brains outflow is a common world tendency and not only our country has this tendency. Today neighboring Russia is experiencing pressure in this issue. One of the measures is allocation of money for grants to young scientists - three billion tenge. Probably, this sum is not huge, but it is the first step, a very serious one. This year young scientists can get three billion tenge for their studies," he said.
"As for emigration, people talk about big outflow from the state. It is a common world tendency. Looking at the national content of emigrants- 70% are representatives of non native nationalities. It is a natural process. People are seeking for their language environment, their roots. It is normal and we should not feel any tragedy about it," he added.
However, Gulmira Isimbayeva, vice speaker of the Majilis, did not agree with him.
" Our peculiarity, our country is multi-ethnic, multi-religious and we want to preserve it. And no matter what nationality and religion, we all create the same conditions. We should be interested in all of them, all young people, even if they  studied abroad to return to their homeland and that we can create the necessary conditions for them, "she said.

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