Ministry of Agriculture dissatisfied with laughter sites in Kazakhstan

Date: 14:25, 27-08-2019.

Petropavlovsk. August 27. KazTAG - The Ministry of Agriculture is dissatisfied with the slaughter sites, said Arman Utegulov,  chairman of the committee for veterinary control and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.
“There shouldn't be slaughter sites. There should be slaughterhouses with all the equipment, the scanner which should send the information to the portal "Identification of farm animals". One slaughter site reports 185 thousand heads per 8 months,   but we do not know in reality if this is actually so or not. One slaughter site can cover 10-15 heads, and a slaughterhouse 50-60 heads (according to reports - KazTAG). It's impossible. Slaughter sites do not comply with any parameters, "said Utegenov at the meeting with business-community in Petropavlovsk.
The issue of slaughter sites was raised by Elena Akhmetova,  director  of Kazakhstan Delikates , who stated that suppliers often bring poor-quality meat to her meat processing plant.
“Our profile is cutting meat from bone. The meat that comes to us even from peasant farms does not always meet our requirements. We faced this problem when we found high-quality cattle, and faced the problem of slaughter. We do not need a slaughterhouse in our company, and those owners who have slaughter points are asking for huge amounts - up to 7 thousand per head. It is very expensive for a processing company, ”said Akhmetova.
“It turns out that individuals buy from private owners at home, raise the price, and the price goes up in a circle, and it comes to us with a large margin. Government intervention is needed. The meat is already very expensive, it is poorly sold in the markets, and it is almost impossible to directly deliver meat to the city. The villagers grow meat and do not know how to sell it properly," she said.
Utegenov said,  "slaughter sites must be closed."

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