Ministry of Agriculture finds reason in meat prices growth in mass cattle export in Kazakhstan

Date: 12:46, 20-01-2020.

Astana. January 20. KazTAG - The Ministry of Agriculture has explained growth of meat prices in Kazakhstan by mass export of cattle.
"Mass export of cattle for further processing and resale has created a ground for speculative growth of meat prices. In addition, it resulted in reduction of loading of Kazakhstani meat processing companies and feed yards. In average they were loaded less than half in 2019. The main reason is in the deficit of crude products due to high export of cattle," said the statement.
"The majority of cattle- more than 121.6 thousand of heads or 78% were exported to Uzbekistan, 14% to Armenia. In addition, almost 264 thousand heads of sheep were exported. The main exporter of small cattle is Uzbekistan. The country exported more than 200 000 sheep (76%). Russia acquired 21.5 thousand heads (8.1%), Azerbaijan - 18 000 (6.7%), Iran- about 12 thousand (4.5%)," reads the statement.

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