Ministry of Defense commented on message of "West" command about Kazakh soldier

Astana. December 5. KazTAG - The Ministry of Defense has commented on the message of the regional command "West" about a Kazakh soldier.
"First the identity of the person you are talking is not known for sure, we don’t know if he is that soldier who performed a feat in the period of events taking place in the Caucasus. Second, he is a soldier of Russia, he is a citizen of Russia. It won't be ethical to comment on this fact by us," said Timur Dandybayev, Deputy Minister of Defense answering the question about possible international dispute which may occur following spread of the press-release of "West" command about an ethnic Kazakh, who stopped a Georgian military group in the zone of Abkhazia-Ossetia conflict.
Answering the question about the citizenship of the soldier, he said: "there was no military man from Kazakhstan there".
"For sure it was not our military man and not our citizen. We have no other information," he resumed.

Photo source: picture from an open source