Ministry of Economy sued following planned increase of petrol excise tax

Date: 14:45, 04-12-2019.

Almaty. December 4. KazTAG -A lawsuit has been filed against the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan following planned increase of excise tax on petrol.
“The whole country is outraged by the increase in excise tax on petrol by 10 tenge. Everyone realized that it will result in a chain reaction and the prices will rise for all goods and services. Life will become more expensive! But in order to fight for the rights, one must not only discuss this in social networks, but also act! The team of the best lawyers - Stanislav Lopatin, Anuarbek Skakov, Zhanibek Bashanov, Anton Samokhin - have filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of National Economy today, ” said well-known Kazakhstani lawyer Zhangeldy Suleymanov.
The lawyers have asked the court to declare the increase of excise tax illegal.
He noted that lawyers are asking the court to declare illegal raising the excise tax.
“We have very simple arguments. 1. The Ministry of National Economy stated that the increase in excise tax is based on some calculations. We really doubt that such calculations were carried out. And if they were, they are illegal, because the law does not provide for such calculations. 2. The MNE stated increase in the excise duty will combat the flow of fuel and lubricants to the neighboring countries and will ensure a balance of prices. We believe that the law also does not have such an excise tax to solve such problems. And tomorrow they will increase excise taxes in order to solve some other problems. 3. According to the law, it is possible to introduce new excise tax rates from January 1, 2020, provided that such a decision is taken before December 1. As far as we know, the decision on the excise tax has been signed or will be signed after December 1, which means that it is impossible to introduce a new excise tax on January 1, ”Suleymanov added.

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