Ministry of Health updated scenarios for the incidence of coronavirus in Kazakhstan

Date: 10:10, 26-10-2021.

Astana. October 26. KazTAG - The Ministry of Health has updated the scenarios for the incidence of coronavirus in Kazakhstan.
“According to the optimistic scenario, 1.5 thousand cases (COVID-19 disease - KazTAG) are expected to be recorded in November, according to the realistic scenario- 1650, according to the pessimistic - 1800. In December - 1.1 thousand, 1.6 thousand and 2350 cases per day for months, respectively. In January - 650, 1.5 thousand and 3 thousand, respectively, " said Alexey Tsoi, Minister of Health.
at a government meeting on Tuesday, Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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