Ministry of Labour reported on number of foreign workers in Kazakhstan

Astana. September 28. KazTAG - 14.6 thousand foreign citizens work in Kazakhstan, reports the press service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
“As of September 1, 2023, 14,571 foreign citizens are working in Kazakhstan with permits from local executive bodies,” reads the statement.
There are the following categories: 527 permits for managers and their deputies (first category), 2,732 permits for heads of structural divisions (second category). The bulk of the attracted foreign workers belong to the third (specialists) and fourth (skilled workers) categories - 6,322 and 727 people, respectively. 1,956 people were hired for seasonal work, and 2,307 people were hired as part of corporate transfers.
“Currently in Kazakhstan there are 1,424 employers using IRS. More than 474.4 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan work for them, which is 97% of the total number of employees,” reads the department.
4,986 people work in the construction sector (34%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries - 1,867 people. (12.7%), mining and quarrying - 1,359 people. (9.3%), manufacturing industry - 1,219 people. (8.3%), professional, scientific and technical activities - 901 people. (6%),
The main countries of origin of labor migrants are: China – 3,771 people. (26.2%), Uzbekistan – 2,002 people. (13.3%), Türkiye – 1,370 people. (9.2%), India – 1,363 people. (9.4%).

Photo source: picture from an open source