More than 12% people in Kazakhstan work in tough conditions

Date: 16:07, 13-02-2020.

Astana. February 13. KazTAG - More than 12% of people in Kazakhstan work in tough conditions, reports the statistics committee of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.
"12.2 % of responders among the employed population said they work in unfavorable and hazardous labor conditions, of them 12.3% work in unfavorable temperature regime 9.4% work with dangerous mechanisms, 18.9% experience high nervous tension, 17.6%  work outside, 24.1% are engaged in hard physical work, " reads the report.
12%  people worked in adverse or hazardous working conditions  a year before.
According to the results of a sample survey of employment in various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, in the III quarter of 2019, 8.8 million people were employed or 66.8% of the population aged 15 years and older. More than half of the employed - 4.5 million were men, 4.2 million - women. The number of hired employees amounted to 6.7 million. Among the employed, the share of self-employed amounted to 2.1 million people or 24%.

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