More than 313.7 bn tenge raised following second wave of privatization in Kazakhstan

Date: 12:55, 08-01-2020.

Almaty. January 8. KazTAG - 313.7 bn tenge have been raised within the frameworks of the second wave of privatization through sale of 497 objects in Kazakhstan, reports the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan.
Totally 873 objects were offered, of them 545 objects were offered at the trades, 48 objects are in the stage of sale.
It was planned to offer 67 objects of republican property, 443 objects of communal property, 217 assets of national holdings and 146 assets of national companies. 58 objects of republican property, 259 objects of communal property, 121 assets of national holdings and 107 assets of national companies have reached the stage of trade.
64.8 bn tenge have been raised through sale of 53 objects of republican property, 64.5 bn tenge- from sale of 252 objects of communal property, 177.1 bn tenge- through sale of 100 assets of national holdings and 7.3 bn tenge through sale of 92 assets of national companies.

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