More than 40 people died in disorders in Odessa; 3 days mourning announced

Date: 03:09, 04-05-2014.

Almaty. May 4. KazTAG- More than 40 people died in mass disorders on Friday in Odessa, reports

"According to the latest data 43 people have died. 174 people applied for medical aid, 25 of them are in serious condition. The authorities asked people to donate blood. Physicians are working in emergency mode," reads the message.

Mourning was announced on May 3,4 and 5.

A group of pro-Russian activists gathered on May 2 at Alexandrov avenuein Odessa. They clamoured against the march "For unity of Ukraine" organized by Maidan activists and "The Right sector" involving Odessa and Kharkov football fans. In the clash 4 people died. Later the supporters of Ukraine's unity came to the Kulikovo field where a camp of pro-Russian activists was located and attacked them. Pro Russian activists occupied the House of Professional Unions. The building caught fire in the result of clashes. Dozens of people were blocked and died, some of them jumped out of the windows.

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