More than 50 000 Kazakhstani people left their villages in 10 months

Date: 10:27, 09-12-2014.

Astana. December 9. KazTAG - 50 600 people left Kazakhstani villages in January-October 2014, reports the statistics committee of the Ministry of National Economy.
The highest migration outflow has been observed in the following regions: South Kazakhstan region - 10900 people, East Kazakhstan region- 6000 people, Kostanay region - 5200 people, Zhambyl region - 5200 people, North Kazakhstan region- 5200 and Karaganda region- 4000.
Outflow of rural population has been observed in all the regions expect Mangistau region, where migration gain in the villages made up 4100 people.
Migration gain of the city population made up 40 000 people. The main share comes on Almaty- 17 000 people and Astana- 16 000 people.

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