More than 95% of all veterinary medications imported to Kazakhstan

Date: 09:28, 24-04-2014.

Astana. April 24. KazTAG - Kazakhstan imports more than 95% of all the veterinary goods, said Bolat Seisenov, expert of the secretariat of agricultural complex committee of the National Business Chamber.

"Today 95% of all the veterinary medications are imported from the third states and the CU states to Kazakhstan," he said at the briefing in the central communications service.

At the same time, "today Kazakhstan is dependant in this branch as biological plants disappeared".

He added import of foreign veterinary medicines "is also high" in Russia and Belarus.

Thus, their production might be established in Kazakhstan as there are investors in the country "who are ready to manufacture aphthous vaccine".

"Now business is demonstrating readiness to take part in the investment projects and construct bio-plants. There are examples today, (...) we applied to the chamber and several big businessmen are ready to invest," he said.

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