Mortality lowered by 30% in Kazakhstani colonies in past 5 years

Date: 14:01, 20-10-2014.

Astana. October 20. KazTAG - Mortality has lowered by 30% in Kazakhstani colonies in the past 5 years, said Kalmukhanbet Kasymov, Minister of Internal Affairs.
"In the past five years the level of mortality in Kazakhstani colonies lowered by more than 30%," said Kasymov at the Governmental hour in the Majilis.
He said the mortality caused by tuberculosis lowered by 68%, the number of sick people decreased by 31%.
"Last year 447 HIV positives arrived to the colonies, 1500 drug addicts, 1800 people sick with other diseases, of them 400 people had active form of tuberculoses who were not registered in the bodies of health care. Factually 30% of arrived people had been infected," he said.
He indicated lack of doctors in the correctional institutions today.
Out of 777 doctors needed in the colonies, there are only 437.

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