Mortgage crediting rates increased to 23% in Bank CenterCredit

Date: 14:40, 13-02-2015.

Almaty. February 13. KazTAG - Mortgage crediting rates have increased by 23% in the Bank CenterCredit.
"We provide mortgage crediting for up to 10 years. We give it in tenge, 23% annual interest rate. It was increased since February 12, previously it was 17.5%," said the call-center representatives.
The bank also confirmed increase of interest rates for consumer credits.
Kazkommertsbank's representatives said that mortgage crediting was suspended late last year.
"Mortgage crediting (in dollars-KazTAG) is available only within the city, the interest rates depend on the primary deposit, the minimal deposit- 10% of the cost," said the call center.
The rates for consumer credits have also changed in the bank. The fees on unsecured credits increased from 16.5% to 17%.
Meanwhile, Alliance Bank remained the consumer credits fee unchanged- 10.99%.
"We do not provide secured credits for now  in connection with the banks consolidation (Forte, Temir and Alliance-KazTAG), said the call center of Alliance Bank
The fees for secured consumer and unsecured credits also increased in Nurbank.
"For unsecured - from 18% to 25%, from 16% to 22% previously. Secured - from 13% to 16%," said Nurbank.

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