Mother of Denis Ten explained court why she believes the murder was contracted

Date: 12:56, 04-01-2019.

Almaty. January 4. KazTAG - Oksana Ten, mother of famous figure skater Denis Ten, explained in court, why she believes the murder was contracted.
"From the first moment I could not believe that it was a simple theft. Not only my mother's heart told me about it, not only my intuition, but it became clear when I learnt the case. The investigation was held thoroughly, the criminals were caught in short terms. I am grateful to the officers who did it. But one who believes this version simply did not know Denis. Material values were not his priorities. I cannot agree with the things that happened because I know the reaction of Denis. He estimated the situation swiftly, in order to act like this he had to be provoked. How – it’s a question to the detainees," she said in the court's room.
In her words, many facts indicate "the murder was contracted".
"In my opinion it was a contracted murder. Many facts indicate it. Denis was very busy and that day was not an exception. He had to leave for Astana for a big arrangement on July 23," she added.

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