Motorcade of several dozen of cars traveled along Tole bi in Almaty

Date: 11:09, 11-06-2019.

Almaty. June 11. KazTAG -  A motorcade of several dozens of cars travelled along Tole bi in Almaty on Monday evening.
According to the agency’s reporter, a motorcade of several dozens of  cars moved from the area of the Tselinny cinema, where earlier supporters of the famous Kazakhstan akyn Rinat Zaitov had been demanding to release him. Then a huge motorcade moved from Tselinny area along Tole bi street.
A column of about 50-100 cars moved quite tightly in one direction.
Some people in the cars shouted: “Rinat, alғa!”, “Zhasa Kazakhstan!”. Some had Kazakhstan flags in their hands, which they swung from their car windows, almost the majority of cars beeped.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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