MTC proposed to ban sale of tours whose air carrier is unidentified

Date: 09:20, 06-06-2014.

Astana. June 6. KazTAG - Talgat Lastyave, deputy chair of the civil aviation committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, proposed to ban sale of tours before a concrete air carrier with valid license or flights is identified.

"Operators sell tours with non-existing air company, then they blackmail the committee of civil aviation that the passengers are sitting in the airport. We have no authority to regulate tourism branch. It is necessary to consolidate the branch of tourism activity," he said.

"The (tourism companies-KazTAG) were selling goods without permits. As a result, while they were registering the permits people were sitting in the airport. We propose to bring legislative proposal- to ban sale of tours before the permit registration by the committee of tourism, they must regulate it. Toursmustn't be sold until the carrier gets a license," he added.


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