Narymbay is going to create the Alash party and initiate referendum on Nur-Sultan and Elbasy

Date: 15:08, 15-01-2021.

Almaty. January 15. KazTAG - Well-known Kazakhstani dissident Ermek Narymbay is going to create the Alash party and initiate a referendum on the renaming of Nur-Sultan, the status of Elbasy and a number of other issues.
“We are to fill in all the protocol data into the program, complete them, work is on the stage of reaching the final figures and summing up, in parallel,  we have started registering the Alash party and the question of the referendum," he said.
He assured that the name "Alash" is not final and the decision will be based on the unanimous opinion.
Both projects will be promoted through an online convention and an online conference following the example of the Nur Otan party in November 2020, he said.
“There will be resolved issues on the abolition of the name of the capital - Nur-Sultan, on the abolition of the presidency and the transition to a parliamentary republic, on Elbasy, on Nazarbayev, on the Security Council and so on, by jury. We will bring the most popular things to the referendum. Let's all join in, we will create branches in all the regions, initiative groups to support the registration of the Alash party. We will do it quickly with the online congress, ”Narymbay said.
The politician currently lives in Ukraine.

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