National Bank recommends applying to its branches in case of currency exchange speculations

Almaty. March 20. KazTAG - The National Bank has recommended applying to its branches in case the speculations with currency exchange are revealed, reports the press-service of the National Bank.
"There is no ground for concern or agiotage on the cash currency market. The National Bank is controlling the situation in the exchange offices of the state. In case of speculative cases, overstated exchange rate, we recommend applying to the branches of the National Bank," reads the statement of the regulator.
In the statement, the National Bank reminded, it is ready to take measures for support of the exchange rate of tenge and smooth possible short-term fluctuations.
"The National Bank declares a stable situation on the currency market and there is no reason for ungrounded devalluation of tenge rate. The National Bank and the second tier banks have sufficient volumes of cash currency to cover the demand of people and organizations," said the bank.

Photo source: picture from an open source